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This is a selection of before, during and after examples of our work, simply mouse over each photograph to see a description or click to see an enlargement of each photograph.
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As the customer was removing old polystyrene tiles a large section of ceiling fell away

Upon closer inspection it turned out the whole ceiling was blown

And so the whole ceiling was removed back to the laths prior to reboarding and plastering

This en suite shower room and toilet was added to an existing room by the customer

Preparation was straightforward requiring only beading to the angles and scrim tape to the joints

The finished plaster, the customer chose to decorate once the plaster has dried

This lounge ceiling looks tired and in need of updating

Following removal of the timber battens, the joists were located and the ceiling was overboarded

The ceiling once plastering is completed

This intricate looking conservatory roof had to be fully insulated

Following completion of insulation the ceiling was boarded, the cutting of the boards caused a bit of head scratching to make sure it all looked totally symetrical

Once we had finished the plasterboard it was then plastered to finish, again we had to pay attention to detail to keep all the panels identical

The insulation completed and the first sheet in position

The boarding finished shown from a different angle

The finished ceiling from a different angle

After the customer removed dado rail from this stairwell, a few sections of the wall were blown

Having checked the walls for  more damage and dubbed out the hollows

The walls were replastered ready for decorating

This garden wall had become badly cracked and blown over the years

The best course of action was to remove it back to the brickwork

The finished wall having had a scratch coat before the finish coat was applied

This ceiling had been water damaged from a leaking pipe above and allowed to dry, causing the plaster to blow

After scraping back the blown areas it became apparent the board was no good so the whole ceiling was overboarded

The ceiling was then plastered ready for the customer to decorate once dry

This newly built conservatory had to be dot and dabbed

Once we had done the boarding, it was then skimmed

Part of the conservatory showing finished plaster ready for the customer to decorate

The same conservatory from a different angle

And again

The finished area

All photographs and images on this website are of actual work we have carried out, and along with the plastermaster logo, remain the property of theplastermaster.co.uk, and may not be reproduced or used in any way whatsoever. We reserve the right to make changes to the wording and material of this website and to update photographs from time to time to reflect recent projects and to make ongoing improvements to the website.

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